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Lamb Chops Lamb Racks
20 (4 oz.) Lamb Chops
Our Price:$119.00
YOU SAVE:$10.00!

5 (1 lb.) Lamb Racks
Our Price:$149.00

Domestic center cut loin chops from lambs raised on Midwestern grain. Our 1" thick cuts are trimmed and lean. A very sweet and tender selection. Expertly trimmed so they look as wonderful as they taste. This cut is at its best when broiled or grilled. Order yours today for that distinctive flavor of lamb in a thick, meaty chop. Perfectly trimmed and Frenched rib racks. A sensational entrée that will be the centerpiece for any dinner party or family gathering. You will find that this rack of lamb is as beautiful to serve as it is succulent to eat. An exceptionally flavorful delicacy that will be sure to please even the most discriminating tastes. Serve it at your next dinner party or give it as an unforgettable gift.
Spiral Sliced Ham Pork Chop
16 (6 oz.) Bone In Pork Chops
Our Price:$89.00

Honey glazed, spiral sliced, and fully cooked to perfection. Simply the finest spiral ham available anywhere. Be creative; add some of your favorite garnishes like pineapples and cloves to create a main course unique to your kitchen. Why not enjoy a holiday favorite year round? Serves 15. Center cut pork chops with the bone in for extra flavor. Thick, juicy and trimmed perfectly. The "other white meat" is a healthy, nutritious alternative and a family favorite. Perfect any night of the week, whether you grill, pan fry, broil or bake them. Just add your favorite sides and you'll have a meal your whole family will enjoy.
Pork Filets Pork Tenderloins
6 (1 lb.) Pork Tenderloins
Our Price:$89.00
YOU SAVE:$4.00!
Extra lean and very tender, our hand trimmed filets are the perfect choice. Extra thick and meaty filets that are perfect any way you fix them. For the ideal meal, slice them down the middle and grill them butterflied. A traditional family favorite. A nice change of pace with the sweet and mild flavor that can only be found in pork. Cut from the center of the tenderloin for extra tenderness and completely trimmed. These tenderloins will bring out the chef in you as they are perfect for your favorite cooking method. You'll love the many creative ideas this product will bring out in you.
Veal Porterhouse Veal Cutlets
20 (4 oz.) Veal Cutlets
Our Price:$119.00
Here is your chance to savor the absolute best tasting Veal we can find. We are extremely proud to offer these Veal Porterhouse closely trimmed and marbled to perfection. Paper-thin, lean and tender. The Anyday Gourmet Veal Cutlet is sliced only from the leg of milk-fed stock. Each cutlet is hand selected and pounded just right for the perfect dish of Marsala, piccata, Parmesan or your favorite saute'. A delicious and healthy alternative to beef.
Bratwurst Combo Gourmet Sausage
A mouthwatering combination of (18) Classic German Bratwurst, and (18) Cheddar and Jalapeno Pepper Bratwurst combining a mild blend of juicy jalapenos and fresh Wisconsin cheddar cheese. A unique way to spice up any party! (18) Gourmet Mild Italian Sausage and (18) Gourmet Hot Italian Sausage with no artificial ingredients and preservatives will always be a winner at your house. With the aromas of these wonderful sausages you'll think your kitchen has been turned into that neighborhood butcher shop from long ago. Serve on a bun with roasted red peppers. Cut up and serve with pasta and marinara sauce. Slice diagonally and serve as an appetizer, or use in breakfast casseroles. Serve them anytime, in any way, for a delicious meal!