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The Anyday Gourmet And Your Health
The Anyday Gourmet is recognized as a leader in portion-controlled home food service.  Our reputation for quality, service, convenience and value is second to none.  Often overlooked, however, is our company-wide commitment to good health, proper diet and nutrition in most of our food selections.  Many of our product choices are perfectly consistent with the type of diet recommended by leading authorities for healthy living.
The Anyday Gourmet Health Facts
Portion Control:  The absolute uniformity of our portion sizes assures the same predictable amount of fats, minerals, nutrients and calories in every serving.
Trim:  All our meat and poultry items are trimmed of virtually all excess fat and fat-laden skin.
Quality Assurance Testing:  We have developed an ongoing relationship with Pedneault Associates, Inc., a fully accredited multi-state certified analytical laboratory.  We routinely have our foods tested to be sure they always measure up to The Anyday Gourmet's exacting standards particularly with respect to fat content.
Flash Freezing:  State of the art rapid "blast freezing", then vacuum sealing, ensures that all nutrients as well as flavor are "locked-in" our meat, poultry and seafood selections.  In addition, storing fish frozen three or more days at -4°F, will eliminate any of the impurities sometimes present in unfrozen fish.
Free Range Chicken:  Our supplier of USDA certified antibiotic free all natural free range chickens utilizes only pesticide and salmonella tested organic corn feeds.  The birds remain unconfined, weather permitting, greatly enhancing their health.
Quality Suppliers:  Our world renowned meat and poultry suppliers use only the highest quality feeds to ensure optimum nutrition and flavor in all our products.
Low Fat, Low Cholesterol:  Many of our foods, especially our seafood and poultry items, are naturally low in cholesterol and saturated fat.
Vitamin, Mineral, and Nutrient Content
Potassium Source:  Our sole and scallops are an excellent source of the essential mineral potassium, helpful in lowering blood cholesterol.
Calcium Source:  Our salmon fillets are rich in calcium, so important to bone development and strength.
Iron Source:  Our shrimp and beef items are rich in iron, an important nutrient in any diet; essential for women and others who run a higher-than-average risk of iron deficiency.
Protein Source:  Our meats and poultry items are an excellent source of protein needed to prevent loss of muscle mass, especially when dieting.
B-6 and B-12 Vitamin Source:  Most of our meat and poultry choices are high in B vitamins, especially thiamine, niacin and riboflavin, essential for healthy red blood cell development.
Zinc Source:  Our meats, particularly pork, are a fine source of zinc which promotes proper blood clotting and helps fight infection.  Also, a 1995 "Fitness" magazine article indicated that the zinc content in most seafood actually boosts alertness in people, thus the adage "seafood is brain food".
Magnesium Source:  Many of our meats, especially lamb, are high in magnesium, which has the potential to lower blood pressure in some people.
Vitamin C Source:  Our Alaskan King Crab is a natural source of vitamin C, in addition to many other vitamins and nutrients.
Vitamin A Source:  Our tuna is loaded with niacin and vitamins A and B-12 to build both healthy blood cells and an effective immune system.
It's easy to see that many of The Anyday Gourmet's selections are as healthy as they are convenient and delicious!