5 (1.25 lbs.) Baby Back Ribs (4 lb. Pkg.) Large Uncooked Shrimp
Our Price:$109.00
YOU SAVE:$10.00!

Our Price:$109.00
YOU SAVE:$10.00!
Baby Back Ribs Large Uncooked Shrimp
Fully cooked Kansas City style pork spare ribs are so tender and juicy that the meat falls right off the bone. Our special sauce makes these ribs positively habit-forming! A taste sensation you won't soon forget. Just heat, serve and watch them come back for seconds! Try our famous ribs at your next backyard barbeque. The finest Black Tiger shrimp you can get that is completely clean, peeled and de-veined with the tail on. Black Tiger shrimp are well known for their exceptional flavor and beautiful appearance. These frozen, but uncooked, beauties bear the distinguishing black stripes and pure-white flesh that turns vibrant red and white when cooked. You'll enjoy cooking these fabulous shrimp in grilled shrimp recipes, shrimp cocktail recipes, fried shrimp recipes, and more. The shrimp are individually frozen so you can use as many (or as few) as you need.
16 (6 oz.) Bone In Pork Chops 2 (2.5 lb. Pkgs.) Spicy Wings
Our Price:$89.00

Our Price:$64.00

Pork Chop Spicy Wings
Center cut pork chops with the bone in for extra flavor. Thick, juicy and trimmed perfectly. The "other white meat" is a healthy, nutritious alternative and a family favorite. Perfect any night of the week, whether you grill, pan fry, broil or bake them. Just add your favorite sides and you'll have a meal your whole family will enjoy. Add some kick to your get together with these hot and spicy sauced chicken wings. These meaty chicken wings are fully cooked so you just heat in the oven or microwave and serve. They're the perfect party appetizer, or serve them up as a quick meal with veggies and blue cheese dressing.
20 (4 oz.) Antibiotic Free Chicken Cutlets 21 (5.33 oz.) Buffalo Burgers
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Our Price:$119.00

Antibiotic Free Cutlets Buffalo Burgers
100% USDA Certified Antibiotic Free Chicken Cutlets that are completely cleaned, trimmed, and individually sealed for freshness and taste. We select only the freshest and most flavorful cutlets to enhance your favorite chicken recipes or grilltime favorites. An American Classic......upgraded! 100% pure Buffalo beef patties that are All Natural! It's the original red meat. Savory and juicy, our Buffalo Burgers put a satisfying new spin on a classic favorite. Great for grilling, easy to prepare and individually flash frozen. Better yet, virtually fat free means it's a healthy alternative. Bring the Great American Plains to your home range, grill or favorite recipe.
24 (2 oz.) Kobe Beef Hot Dogs 12 (10 oz.) Gold Label New York Strips
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Our Price:$169.00

Kobe Beef Hot Dogs Gold Label New York Strips
"The Classy Dog". The finest premium 100% Kobe Beef Hot Dog. Smooth, sophisticated, glorious! Snaps when you bite into it. The ultimate cookout steak. These tender, juicy and well marbled center cuts of the sirloin are trimmed to perfection. For added flavor our steaks are aged for 28 days. Bursting with juicy flavor and aroma that comes to life on your grill or broiler, the Anyday Gourmet Strip Steak is sure to provide the ultimate steak experience!