12 (10 oz.) Gold Label New York Strips 10 (8 oz.) Filet Mignon
Our Price:$169.00

Our Price:$164.00
YOU SAVE:$5.00!
Gold Label New York Strips Filet Mignon
The ultimate cookout steak. These tender, juicy and well marbled center cuts of the sirloin are trimmed to perfection. For added flavor our steaks are aged for 28 days. Bursting with juicy flavor and aroma that comes to life on your grill or broiler, the Anyday Gourmet Strip Steak is sure to provide the ultimate steak experience! The Rolls-Royce of all steaks! Nothing but the finest cuts of the tenderloin aged to perfection. 100% center cut choice fillets that are guaranteed tender and juicy! So tender you can cut it with a fork!
16 (5 oz.) Tortilla Crusted Tilapia 16 (6 oz.) Bone In Pork Chops
Our Price:$89.00

Our Price:$89.00

Tortilla Crusted Tilapia Pork Chop
These hand-prepared Tilapia fillets have a tasty crust made with tortilla chips, chipotle seasonings, red and green bell peppers and lime that give this dish a Mexican flair. They're oven-ready so you just bake and serve. Add Spanish rice and you've got a refreshing and delicious meal in no time! Center cut pork chops with the bone in for extra flavor. Thick, juicy and trimmed perfectly. The "other white meat" is a healthy, nutritious alternative and a family favorite. Perfect any night of the week, whether you grill, pan fry, broil or bake them. Just add your favorite sides and you'll have a meal your whole family will enjoy.
24 (4 oz.) Honey BBQ Chicken Kabobs 13 (6 oz.) Norwegian Salmon
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Our Price:$109.00
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Honey BBQ Chicken Kabobs Norwegian Salmon
Looking for that perfect chicken product for the grill? Look no further. The Anyday Gourmet's Honey BBQ Chicken Kabobs will spice up your grill at any time. A generous serving of tender chicken breast chunks marinated in a honey and brown sugar BBQ sauce on a skewer will be a hit with everyone. The honey and brown sugar BBQ sauce is mild enough for kids to enjoy while at the same time providing just the right amount of flavor to make this a tantalizing symphony for your taste buds! A seafood lover's favorite. Norwegian salmon filets that will be sure to please even the pickiest connoisseur. Our boneless, skinless fillets are individually flash frozen, and then vacuum packed. The American Heart Association recommends that people include at least two servings of fish per week, particularly fish (such as salmon), in their diets. It's a win-win situation, high quality, good health and great taste.
Pellman Choices Cheesecake 21 (5.33 oz.) Buffalo Burgers
Our Price:$29.99
Our Price:$119.00

Pellman Choices Cheesecake Buffalo Burgers
We have taken our four most popular cheesecake flavors and created Cheesecake Choices. The 14 slices of cheese cake include 4 plain, 4 chocolate chip, 3 raspberry, and 3 strawberry swirl. An American Classic......upgraded! 100% pure Buffalo beef patties that are All Natural! It's the original red meat. Savory and juicy, our Buffalo Burgers put a satisfying new spin on a classic favorite. Great for grilling, easy to prepare and individually flash frozen. Better yet, virtually fat free means it's a healthy alternative. Bring the Great American Plains to your home range, grill or favorite recipe.